1. t0ne-m:

    2nd tenet: Give Your All 
    1st single off the CREED ep


    VERSE 1:
    I’ve been on the grind since my first line 
    Listen to this story in history 
    22 years in each 16 
    Now the flow smooth include whiskey 
    With that Crown Royal in my bloodstream 
    My blood comes from a line of kings 
    I take my crown 
    Boy bow down 
    I barely started my legacy 

    Now I leave behind a goldmine 
    My soul rise like Christ divine 
    Upon the 3rd day 
    Wordplay is Assassin’s Creed I 
    Kill each beat that I bleed on 
    I be on stage 
    Lights flash could blind Kanye 
    True magic I’m all Bey 
    Master of this rap sorcery 

    I put the magic in it 
    Like I was passing Pippen 
    When I attack the rhythm 
    I am the Flash 
    What happens when I blast the trigger 
    Stick up and rapture pastors 
    I am after living all of the panthers past 
    Giving all to live and never lesser 
    Pushing back all the pressure 
    Stress to put a weak man on a stretcher 
    Past my best cause I’m better than that 

    And as a matter of fact I earned my worth 
    Took my time, put in work 
    From the dirt I rose 
    Bloom into the Earth I return 
    Burn this fire till the fuel’s out 
    Then turn up the heat 
    If you learn from my failures you will never know defeat… 

    [Heaven] We take it to 
    [Heaven] Giving you 
    [Heaven] I found 
    [Hea-Hea-Heaven] One more time 
    One more time 
    Said that it be like 
    [Heaven] We take it to 
    [Heaven] We giving you 
    [Heaven] I found 
    [Hea-Hea-Heaven] In you… 

    VERSE 2: 
    Put my all in all I do 
    Doing all and the above 
    Above all I walk the talk 
    Because talk is cheap and it pays to love 
    Love is all I got 
    So I give it back with interest 
    Giving more than I’m getting back 

    Say sacrifice my addiction 
    Going all in with each masterpiece 
    And I’m mastering the 
    Savagery of 
    Wolverine I’m a War Machine that you 
    Marvel at see I 
    Started rap as a family dream 
    Now I’m this torch 
    Full force no remorse 
    School reports A plus scores 
    Still touch more lives than a graveyard 

    Lay to rest 
    Ghost flow beyond the last breathe 
    Living past death 
    Soul pound with that thunder sound 
    Lightning bolts strike from my pen 
    Zeus on the mic meet the blackest knight 
    Choosing death before dishonor 
    Fighting for my right to be 
    Fist raised for the martyrs 

    Went from a swamp thing to a black king with swamp tendencies 
    Now I tend to be 
    Building strength up in my knees 
    To stand strong and fit for my queen 
    To be all she needs and for the family 
    My Pop told me “You either give your all 
    Or not at all so ball hard with your passion B… 


    Follow YOUR CREED 
    It’s all I bleed 
    T0ne on the beat 
    I let it speak like…


    released 07 March 2014 
    Written by Anthony “T0ne M” Miller Jr. 
    Produced by Anthony “T0ne M” Miller Jr. 
    Contains samples from Paul Hardcastle’s song “Heaven” from “Jazzmasters: the Smooth Cuts” album.
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    Lion Love (by Stephen Oachs).

    (via vurtual)

  3. afootballreport:

    96 People

    In April 1989, 96 people went to watch a football match and never came home. They went there to see their beloved Liverpool — and, today, a quarter of a century later, before one of the club’s biggest games ever, those fans were honored beautifully.

    Afterward, led by their captain, Steven Gerrard — the paragon of loyalty in a sporting era that often rewards money-grabbing and title hunger far more than fidelity to a cause — they won the game, 3-2, and set themselves up for their first league title since 1990.

    When the game finished, Gerrard had tears in his eyes — and while some of those were no doubt down to a mixture of relief, exhaustion, and the thrill of victory — a lot of them were down to something more.

    Gerrard’s cousin, Jon-Paul Gilhooley, died at the stadium in 1989 when he was only 10. While most of the time we can freely admit that sports are just sports — and the narratives we spin are irrationally inflated to feed our obsession with a game — sometimes they are something way more important than that.

    Sometimes, sports say a lot about life and help us heal wounds that we once thought never could even begin to heal — and today was one of those times. #JFT96 [Posted by Zack]

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    Coachella Day Two: Miss Solange Knowles

    Photos: Getty Images

    (Source: divalocity)


  5. Alien (Hold On To Your Dreams) and the interludes, Enjoy Yourself and The On/Off Switch, are taken from the album, Nothing New


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    Monotone flavored RubyGold, take a picture… Flash Lights


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