1. An Eternity of Doom

    Sound the death horns
    Behemoth has arrived
    Let the soul indoctrination commence
    Remove the veil
    Let the night cover the sun
    No more light
    Eat the darkness henceforth
    Kill all angels
    Let the demons live on
    Fall with him: the reflected light
    Pour your praise on him
    Bring your heads for him
    A blood slaughter for all
    Sweat, flesh, eyes, soul
    All there for the mixing, bone stirring
    Awaken into…

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  2. All These Rage Must Die Down

    I’m twenty three
    Last year I was born
    birthed into evil’s depth
    Eyes red like the devil’s skin
    Fire as I burn in babel
    Leaving life like I sold my soul
    No receipts, just broke,
    still heading to hell though
    Down this drench called Sodom
    Go! Go!! Roam a round a little more

    Die down
    Too much rage, I hold
    Please let go of the anger
    Too much rage, I swear
    Dissipate, disappear
    To dust, to air
    Cos I need…

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  3. My new sounds:


  4. Electronic Jungle


  5. Above the Sun


  6. Last Week

    I had you in my hands
    Your touch, our skin’s warmth
    In my embrace, I had you
    Your lips, our delicate lock

    Last week
    I walked you home
    Hands in hands
    Tapped your soft ass
    You said: stop

    I can’t, I tried

    Last week, I had you inside
    Saw my soul in yours
    Licked your cheeks

    Cos last week
    Finally, for once I had you with me

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  7. Game of Dice

    Ever kissed a dragon
    Swallowed fire breathe
    Bathed in gold
    While your skin melted

    That’s what I feel
    When the bad overcomes me
    Filling my soul up to the brim
    Now with the filth, a gift to survive
    Use or be left behind
    Any hope left, grab!

    The ritual has begun
    The drum has commenced
    The flute behind, guiding
    Welcome to the fire
    To the center of sin
    Your name has been called
    Now, how do you respond?

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  8. My new sounds:


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